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Vintage Ecommerce Website Design Theme

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Vintage Ecommerce Website Design Theme, Online E-Commerce Stores.

Vintage old school theme, don't be fooled, it has new parts under the hood.

There is only this one off upfront cost with NO % backend gross sales commission that some of those other web designers charge, its your shop, your sales, you keep all of the money.

If you choose this theme, the header image, header text, body image, body text, colour scheme, positions, well pretty much everything can be changed to turn this design into your very own unique e-commerce site.

We have displayed the basic designs to help you choose a colour scheme and layout.

You may find another site on the web that you like. We will not copy it exactly of course, but we will take into account the layout, features, styles, shades and colours that you like.

Each e-commerce site features category lists, product pages, shopping carts and checkout pages.

As you can see, we use our own e-commerce sites, so you can be sure they are the best.

We can host this e-commerce site for you*, or you can host the site on your own domain server if you have access, or we can organise an unlimited server space for you for £97. This will allow you to upload 100's of products and have unrestricted access and unlimited traffic to your e-commerce site.

* photo sizes will be restricted, as modern digital cameras take huge memory sucking photos and the web only needs smaller pictures.

We will provide you with the upload software, which is very quick and easy to use. It comes with free future version updates and product support. You can upload, edit or delete your own product, product data, photo's, add new categories, change prices, basically run your shop on your own or with our support if you want.

We are in business too, so we know it can be slow to start off with, that's when you will need us most, but very soon you will find it is very easy to use.

We can mock up a first glance online store and have it online in 30 minutes so you can start suggesting your preferences.

We will provide you with an easy to use, intuitive drag-and-drop product management system.

Its easy to create new categories, upload product photos and preview your work before uploading you shop to your domain host.

The site builds up a shopping cart and then there is a straight-to-payment connection, so your customers are more likely to complete their purchases

There is support for multiple currencies

We create web standards-compliant and SEO-friendly online stores

Your theme design is set, so any product changes you make, you will not break your site

Your site is backed up automatically, locally and remotely

There is an easy integration with PayPal Express Checkout and Website Payments Standard It also support for Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, and 2Checkout if you prefer

You can also change themes in the future if you wish; the products are separate from the design, so you can change the design and keep the products unharmed.

The main points again;

* One payment, no % commission deductions, its your money, you keep it all.

* We will provide you with a ready made ecommerce website complete with your theme.

* You just need to add your product details, chosen prices and upload your product photos.

* Its easy to create your next product description by copying another product and editing it.

* You can drag products between categories to organise your site into similar product types.

* A category preview lets your customers visit the area of your site that interests them.

* Customers build up a basket before they are passed onto your chosen bank provider.

* Your bank could be PayPal, WorldPay, Google checkout, etc.. who handle your receipts.

* This ecommerce website supports multiple currencies and taxes for exporting if required.

* Your ecommerce site is fully web standards compliant and search engine 'seo' friendly.

* The site is backed up locally on your PC and remotely with your host.

* We also hold a copy of the design so you can't break it.

* If you use us as a host, we can back up your store, design, categories & products weekly.

* An unrestricted hosting facility can be purchased for £97pa, which puts you in total control.

We want you to succeed, so you will recommend us.

Aqua Web Design Business Intelligence Support Package.

An Additional fee will get you our
Aqua Web Design's Business Intelligence Support Package.

This includes:

An upgraded version of the e-commerce website which has these additional features;

Sub Categories within Categories
CSV Import & Export, updating and saving
Product Search Facility for customers
Inventory tracker with Sold out notice
Custom header text
Transaction Logs
Prices for multiple configurations
Weight based shipping
Individual page meta tags
Automatic navigation creation
A catalogue based website

our support package includes:

our help designing the structure of your e-commerce site,
a SEO rich brochure website,
our updating service,
free hosting* with our backup service,

*your photo's will have restricted pixel sizes.

and 3 free bolt on options
that are normally £47 each, which include a choice from,

flash animations,
music or
multi CSS

We have been using e-commerce, eshops, brochures, forms, videos, multi CSS, hosting, Google, keywords, alts, div tags, silo's, sitemaps, tracking, visitor statistics, you name it for years and we are always adding new services like conversational style blogging.

We know that a combination of these options will give you the best chance to get your customers viewing and buying from your fully functional and supported e-commerce website.

We want you to succeed, so you will recommend us.

For the full Partnering solution;

take a look at our FREE e-commerce website option;
This option includes a % sales commission for a reduced or zero site price.
This is true business partnering as we will trade our skills and develop a new line of sales
at a % cost, (usually 5~15%) which would be far less than an advertising campaign.

Not all ideas will be chosen of course, but we will help you as much as we can.

Call Steve on 08000 730 415 or , Walsall, West Midlands.

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