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Online E-Commerce Stores.

The header image, header text, body image, body text, colour scheme, positions, well pretty much everything can be changed to turn this into a
unique e-commerce site.

We have displayed the basic designs to help you choose a colour scheme and layout.

You may find another site on the web that you like. We will not copy it exactly of course, but we will take into account the layout, features, styles, shades and colours that you like.

Each e-commerce site features category lists, searches, product pages, shopping carts and checkout pages.

Home page links back to your main website if you want to bolt this shop onto your current site.

As you can see, we use our own e-commerce sites, so you can be sure they are the best.

We can host this e-commerce site for you, you can host the site on your own domain server if you have FTP access, or we can organise an
unlimited server space for you for £97. This will allow you to upload 100's even 1000's of products and have unrestricted access and unlimited traffic to your e-commerce site.

We will provide you with the
upload software, which is very easy to use, very quick and comes with free version updates and product support. You can upload, edit or delete your own product, product data, photo's, add new categories, change prices, basically run your shop on your own if you want.

We are in business too, so we know it can be slow to start off with, that's when you will need us most, but very soon you may be showing us some new tricks.

Our e-commerce online shopping uses
PayPal, Worldpay, Authorize or 2Checkout for example as your payment solution. You can add product sizes at different prices, shipping, handling charges, discounts, taxes, inventory codes etc.. it's all here.

You can also change themes in the future if you wish; the products are separate from the design, so
you can change the design and keep the products unharmed.

Call Steve on
0800 0730 415 or , Walsall, West Midlands.

Your Price:£497.00