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PPC Management Month 1

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Aqua Web Design Monthly PPC Advertising Campaigns.

PPC or Pay Per Click is a Google AdWords campaign may allow you to appear in the top or right hand sections of the Google search results within a day. Some keywords can be valuable and some companies will out-bidding each other for position.

We discover the value for money keywords that have a good following at a low cost. 5 keywords with 1,000 hits per month may be cheaper than 1 keyword with 5,000 hits per month. We have found high value keywords like "kitchen fitting", "extension" and "cellar conversion" difficult to make cost effective as each kitchen job is a valuable item worth over £5,000.

Running a campaign can be complicated. A typical PPC campaign can include A/B Ad copy split-testing, Geo-targeting, Ad scheduling, AdWords Campaign Experiments Tests, Budget Management, Keyword Bid Management, Negative Keyword Research and much, much more. An experienced AdWord campaigner should be used to get you some value for money from day 1.

PPC services can be switched on and off on a monthly basis. You will receive access to monthly reports that show you if the services are working for you. Whilst the services are performing, leave them on, or switch them off, it's your choice.

Each monthly report will detail the work that we will carry out for you, for example the number of submissions pcm, the number of links pcm, the numbers of articles pcm or the number of friends gained pcm.

A free digital marketing analysis is available from West Midlands Digital Marketing.

Example price, Local 2, Month 1 services £147, then £147 per calendar month.

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