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Aqua Web Design Monthly SEO ~ Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing includes SEO in a complete package that improves how the right visitors find you, how they use your website and how useful your website is at converting visitors into customers.

SEO allows your website to rank higher in the natural listing of the search engine results of Google and Bing by increasing your sites relevance. Whilst good results can be gained quickly in uncompetitive markets, converting visitors is a step beyond normal technical SEO.

Our digital marketing services have an option so they can be switched on and off on a monthly basis. You will receive access to monthly reports that show you if the services are working for you. Whilst the services are performing, leave them on, or switch them off, it's your choice.

Each monthly report will detail the work that we will carry out for you, for example the number of submissions pcm, the number of links pcm, the numbers of articles pcm or the number of friends gained pcm.

Market Research and Analysis

  • Manual and Software Driven Keyword Research
  • Keyword Structuring
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Competition Analysis

Web Design Analysis
  • Platform
  • Malware Check
  • Website Design General Recommendations
  • Site Performance
  • Navigation Crawlability
  • Content Crawlability
  • Hosting Check

Website Structure Analysis
  • Search Engine Metrics
  • Sitemaps
  • URL Structure

Troubleshooting Report
  • Broken Links
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Robots.TXT
  • Robots Meta Tags
  • Number of Indexed Pages vs. Actual Page Count
  • Missing / Duplicate / Long-tail Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Backlinks Report
  • Backlink Analysis

Content Analysis and Optimization Guidelines
  • Duplicate Website Content Checking
  • Keyword Grouping
  • URL Mapping
  • Target URLs
  • URL Architecture Instructions
  • Content Instructions

Report Summary and Consultation
  • Website Audit Report Summary and Customized Guidelines
  • Keyword Consultation

A free digital marketing analysis video is available by emailing us your name and website address.

Example price, 6 product pages or keyword targets, Month 1 services £297
a website audit is required during month 1 £150
and discounted to £200 per calendar month for a 12 month contract
or £240 per calendar month on a monthly basis

Call Steve on
0800 0730 415 or , Walsall, West Midlands.

Your Price:£150.00