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Aqua Web Design SEO 100*.

Our 100 point Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is already built into every brochure website.

We have listed the 100 features that other companies will probably ask you to pay for as an optional extra. I have been asked to pay £250 at the start and £400 per year for these when I started and we build them in for free.

This should enable most sites to rank in the less competitive markets.

For a higher ranking and more competitive markets, paid SEO may be required.

This includes the features we don't disclose.

optional monthly Google ad campaign fee may also be set if you wish from £50~£300.

An enhanced '£60 minimum per month' for '6 months minimum' will be managed by the top independant consultant that we use, so you can get the best results.

It can be true that the more you spend the more you get, but results have varied with the bad news recently and no promises or performance should be given or expected these days.

The value the customer can see in your product will make a difference, so we get our customers to look and ask yourself, in fact; ask a 3rd party, is this product desirable and worth buying at this price. An ad campaign should not be your first opinion poll.

There are remote customers who rely on the web for purchases and they will pay a premium for this service, but they can also find alternative suppliers just as quick.

We don't want you to pay for SEO when it will not be effective. We have business's and we have been marketing for years. Remember,
an ad campaign should not be your first opinion poll.

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