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Website Re-Design

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A Re-Design with Aqua's SEO 100* built in.

Our 100 point Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
is built into every brochure website.

This is the main difference between our websites and other websites.

This should enable most sites to rank in the less competitive markets.

Unlike a new site, components that are working for you on your existing site are kept, but the theme can be changed.

Optional bolt-on's and additional features can be added.

We will use your existing words and pictures, which can be kept as they are or edited.

An overnight change can be made to reduce the impact on your customers.

Wether it is to bring your site up to date or to get a modern site which is rich in WEB 2.0 features and SEO compliant, we have a variety of choices for you.

Price; £200 for an up to 20 page site with a theme, your words and supporting pictures.

Optional bolt-on's and additional features can be added.

For a higher ranking and more competitive markets, paid SEO may be required.

Call Steve on
0800 0730 415 or , Walsall, West Midlands.

Your Price:£97.00