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An unlimited hosting facility

How to host multiple web sites for less than £100.

Normally a host will give you a free domain name but
makes you host this on their site for £5+ per month or
£60 per annum per web site.

This can be very expensive when you want to host
50, 100, 250 or 1,000 web sites.

That would be £250, £500, £1,250 even £5,000 pcm!
and that's ridiculous.

You can have an unlimited amount of space on a server
for £97 per annum. This is an amazing saving when you
are hosting many domain names.

The Features and Benefits include;

a great access panel,
unlimited domain name hosting,
unlimited space,
unlimited traffic,
unlimited email accounts with aliases,
email forwarding and auto replies,
customer support,
PHP 5+,
unlimited FTP file transfer protocols,
site traffic stats,
low cost domain name purchases,
and many more features.

Price; £97 p.a.
for unlimited space for your domain names,
which includes UK/US multi timezone support.

Call Steve on 0800 0730 415 or , Walsall, West Midlands.

Your Price:£97.00