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Business Layouts 2~4~1

Business Layouts 2~4~1 Image

Business Layouts 2~4~1, Web Content Layouts
Business Layouts 2~4~1, Headlines, text, pictures and rich content links

This is an example of a website theme. The web design layout can be altered to match your needs.

Options like
videos, forms, calendars, live chat, can be added during the website design or as a bolt on later.

We can create your unique website theme based on any of the layouts that you see displayed on our website or
any design that you show us.

Most websites have a clear background with coloured blocks in the centre, so you may decide that a coloured or an artistic background with clear blocks in the centre may allow your messages to stand out.

Our websites allow you to
get your message across to your customers using a variety of features. Other ‘churn through’ or ‘click and go’ web design sites rarely allow for artistic or bespoke designer themes. There are usually limitations for page size, the number of pictures, graphics or bolt on features like videos, music, calendars or forms.

bespoke websites can be minimalist or they can be rich in design features. You can choose a theme on display, tell us what you like or don’t like about it and instruct us to make your website with a one off theme, brand or design at no extra cost.

You may already know, or you may need to ask yourself; what are your
critical success factors and unique selling points and therefore your headline messages you want to communicate effectively to your potential customers.

We tend to let
your message lead the layout. We don’t try to show-horn your message into our layouts. It’s your message, your pictures and your details that need to be seen, not our designs.

We will then build a group of statements that fit the search engines requirements as a part of our
100 point search engine optimisation or our 100 SEO* that is built into all of our websites.

We use our websites to gain leads. We gain leads by highlighting the value in our products, in the bite size chunks that the search engines like.

If you have a message to tell, let us show you the layouts that we think will work for you. When you
understand your customers needs, you will know what they will be searching for and how your products have all of the answers they are looking for, so let’s tell them.

Our Brochure Websites include a layout, theme, headlines, titles, messages, 1~20 pages, 100* SEO, as many pictures that are needed
and so much more.

These sample template designs are on display to show you what is possible at short notice.

Call Steve on
08000 730 415 or , Walsall, West Midlands.

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